Frequently Asked Questions

How to register for LIVE Webinar?

Attending webinars can be an fun and informative. At IvyTies, you can attend live educational webinars presented by experts in the field. The following information will guide you through the steps to register for the IvyTiesWebinar


1) Login to IvyTies website

Live Webinars are limited to IvyTies members only. If you are not an IvyTies member, click on the Sign Up button on the top of this page and create an account (It's Free). If you already have an IvyTies account, login using your user name or email address and password.


2) Go to the Event page

You can browse all upcoming events by visiting this link. Click on the event you want to register for.


3) Click Join button 

Make sure you are logged in to the website. Only logged in users can see this button

Once you click on the button, a pop up will appear asking to proceed by paying points. If you don't have enough points, click here to find out how to earn points on IvyTies.

Click Proceed to finish the event registration. That's it! You are now confirmed for the event. Please be online at the scheduled time. Its a good idea to mark your smart phone calendar.