Frequently Asked Questions

How to earn points?

You can get Points by engaging in various activities on IvyTies. You can use your points to purchase services offered within IvyTies, such as to register for a live webinar. Track your points by visiting "My Points" widget on the dashboard. You can see the history of all the points that you learned and spent here. This page also shows the users with the highest number of points.


How to earn points on IvyTies?


Here's a list of what you can do to earn IvyPoints:


1. Invite your friends to join IvyTies

You earn points by inviting your friends to join IvyTies. You will earn 2 points for each of the friends who actually joins IvyTies. To invite friends, login to IvyTies and go to the invite friends page. Just enter your friends' email addresses in the field then click 'Send'. We will send an email to the person with a unique link. When your friends click on the link, they will be prompted to create an IvyTies account.


2. Ask relevant questions on the IvyTies forum

Asking questions not only helps you earn points but also gets you relevant answers from the IvyTies community. You will earn 1 point for each question that you ask. To ask a question, login to IvyTies and navigate to Resources -> Questions. Make sure you provide details and background while asking the question to make sure you get a relevant and useful answer. Users who post bogus questions will get a point deduction.


3. Answer other people's questions on the IvyTies forum

Providing relevant answers to IvyTies questions will earn you 1 point for each answer. To answer a question, go to the Questions page and browse through the latest questions. If you don't find a question that you want to answer, consider searching by tag instead to find questions that are best suited to what you know a lot about. Once you find a question that you feel you are qualified to answer, click on the question title and write your answer on the provided answer field. Users who post bogus answers will get a point deduction.


4. Other activities on IvyTies

You can also earn points by performing various other activities on IvyTies:

- Uploading a real profile picture: 5 Points

You can upload a profile picture by clicking "Edit profile picture" by going to your profile. Only users uploading a genuine photograph will get points.

- Logging in: 2 Points

Earn 2 points for logging into IvyTies once every 24 hours.


The admins can also manually assign and revoke points. We will be adding many more ways to earn points soon, so keep an eye out.