Comments on Studying in Malaysia

    Abid ullah
    Studying in Malaysia

    Before going Malaysia, I had few other Euro countries in my mind. However, after thorough evaluation I chose Malaysia because of it being a Muslim country and the affordable. Nevertheless, when I started studying I realised that my choice was right. I started my MBA in 2012 from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and it was not expensive as far as the living cost were concerned. I completed my PhD from the same university in 2018. I found the people very cooperative through out my stay in Malaysia. 

    Food is one of the problem for many foreigners. If your staple food is not rice than it will be the biggest shock for you. Although you can find international food restaurant but 3 times more expensive than the local ones. I overcame this hurdle by living together in an apartment with my country mates where we cooked food by our self. 

    Malaysia is quite affordable as far as living costs are concerned. This is totally up to you how you manage your budget. If you want to reduce your cost burden then live in sharing, use local transport, and eat at house. In this way you can save much.  

    In most of the public university you will get an opportunity to work as research assistant with your supervisor. However, this is only possible if you are doing Masters or PhD. During undergrad studies it is difficult to find a job. Although your university may arrange internship for you depending on their policy. 

    Currently the education got quite expensive in Malaysia as well. As an advice if you can afford it yourself then go ahead. However, if you are thinking to do job there and pay your fee this way, then it is a very difficult path to choose. I would suggest to find scholarship or research assistantship before you perusing your study there.