Comments on Starting study in corona crisis

    Mohamed Fathy
    Starting study in corona crisis

    I started my study just weeks before corona lockdown so it's been a hard beginning, especially in a new country. You don't know much and try to get used to it.

    But study abroad is deserved resistance and adds to you not such in your technical or specialty part.

    But add to your personality, give you a new experience, see a different mix of culture.

    Denmark island of happiness, so you will see everything, enhance this in the university specifically university of Aarhus which I attend. 

    They have departments for each civilization or culture you can imagine so don't surprise when seeing some danish speak your language. 

    The university here overall high ranked with the first 20 so it makes high competitive with the others but it just depends on you. 

    Many people come without difficulty, so competition not affect you if you insist to come. 

    Danish people very nice when see you smile and greeting you saying Hej Hej, 

    You will see a lot of events in university or overall so it's good to join because you're coming not just to study, but get experience for yourself from other people and cultures, so my advice when you go abroad to study doesn't keep yourself within the university only. 

    Try to explore and join and see life outside the school it will reflect on your personality and studying. 

    Finally, any try in your life is worth it and you will get new knowledge and of course new friends.

    Best luck for you and wish that you have your own experience soon. 



    The people keep social distance and respect it too much 

    It depends from one to one, but in Denmark higher than Germany not too much 

    Sometimes if I can find 

    Don't give up when passing through obstacles