Chinese Education; everything is speeding up here....


Everyone has a cherished dream, so do I. Higher studies is one of them. After completing my B.Sc. in Fisheries from Northeast Science and Technology University and Master in Oceanography from University of Dhaka; I got a local government scholarship from China to complete my PhD on Marine science. It took me more than three years to complete my courses and now I have done with doctorate.

In China, everything is digital i.e., documents, money, meetings as well as conferences, especially during covid-19 situations. I enjoyed my life here without any major difficulties. My world-renowned supervisor was very kind to me during the whole time and this is a blessing for me.

I also owned my tremendous scientific Publication from China. All of my international conferences are sponsored by my professor and my University.  I went to the Western Pacific Ocean,  gained a lot of experience of marine science which was sponsored by the government of China.  In summary,  China is very helpful for the higher studies of foreign students and I like it very much.

As a Muslim, I found out a very easy life in China. Every University has Halal restaurant and the nearest Mosque is 11km away. There are some Halal Meat shops also. Most of all the Chinese Muslims who were very Cooperative with me. Notably, I am very lucky that my supervisor was a Chinese Muslim. Rather than being lonely, I was in a very sound environment, I can tell.

Due to my scholarship everything was free of cost in China for me but for self sponsorship, it may cost BDT 50 thousand to 1 lac per year for tuition fees. Dormitory fees are approximately BDT 20k. However the living cost in China is very low, only BDT 5k-10K per month.

In China, if you get any scholarship, there is a deal that you cannot work outside of your study. If you want to work, you need to leave the scholarship and maintain your own education cost by yourself. If anybody got arrested for this crime, then you may lose his scholarship as well as your Visa and return to your own country accordingly.

Unfortunately, there are some students working outside of their study by risking their future. This is not recommended at all. The studying schedule is very compact. You must attend your classes everyday. Learn effectively. Otherwise, your grades will be low.

Study hard, learn Chinese language, be polite, be proactive and do something meaningful for your own country. Don't spend too much on luxury. Save some money if you get a scholarship. It will become an investment in your future. Mark my words, you will not regret it.

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