Dheeman Roy

    "Make Your Life A Story Worth Telling"

    By China Yangzhou University
    "Make Your Life A Story Worth Telling"

    Studying abroad has changed my life.  I have evolved into a different person than who I was back in my country.  Studying abroad has boosted my confidence and influenced my perspective on the world very deeply and positively for sure.  I have been through tremendous personal growth since I arrived on this new land for educational purpose. Meeting new people every now and then , experiencing the tales I used to read on story books on east asia which i  never dreamed of acquainting myself with ,  have taught me great lessons.  Because of the language barrier and new environment , I consistently learned to deal with multiple problems at once and survived through out the days , weeks and months for past three and half years.  And I have been enjoying every second of it because of how challenging the environment is . China is quiet different than rest of the world in terms of culture , food , weather and many other aspects.  It's amazing to live down here with the people who invented world's first gun powder , people who are contributing to the fastest growing economy of the world. 

    There were quite a lot of cultural shocks I experienced when I first landed here . The drinking culture , men and women equal rights , food culture etc shocked me.  Firstly I was shocked by the extreme cold weather , I come from Bangladesh which is a warm place , when I landed from my flight in China , I remember it was a beautiful sunny afternoon but when I stepped outside it was freezing cold of minus 6 degree Celsius. Next thing I was shocked and amazed about - how friendly the people are.  Also most of the Chinese people have no religion and I was surprised by that.  Food culture , people's personality , physical structure , local dialect everything changes from location to location , eg : northern people are taller and like to eat noodles where Southerners are shorter in height and prefer rice . 

    Cost of living isn't too much high comparing to my own country.  For a student 600 - 1000 RMB per month is enough as food cost and living expenses if he/she cooks his own food . If he/she prefers to eat outside then the budget will surpass 1000+ , which totally depends on where he/she lives.  There are 4 tire of cities ranked economically. As student dorm rent , students might have to spend around 3000 to 5000 RMB per annum.  

    Students aren't allowed to work because the students here are usually offered scholarships either by government or universities. But still there are some student jobs available such as English teaching , modeling , exporter of products or marketing manager etc . Internship is usually arranged by universities as a part course structure.  Otherwise students might face great language barrier issues if he/she goes to find internship by him/herself .

    1. Learn the language before you go to a new country.

    2. "Do as Romans do " follow the locals if you wanna learn to survive in the new environment.

    3. Be prepared for any kind of problem that's about to happen in the most uncertain period of time.  

    4. Always budget your expenses. 

    5. Make local friends.  

    6. Lookout for opportunities , you have to go and find them , they won't come to you so easily. 

    7. Be humble. 

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