Prajwal Chauhan

    Study in Australia during Pandemic

    By Australia La Trobe University
    Study in Australia during Pandemic

    It's interesting, to study here in Australia. I can learn new things, even though sometimes things can be hard like require us to do it really fast. So I can say that it's not going that great, but I'm trying. 

    This Covid-19 situation is the obstacle in my study, because of covid, and so many things happened and online classes, it is not that bad but I want the environment of uni to study not at home. 

    Before attending university and life before Covid-19. I was actively involved in volunteering activities in Singapore. For example, I did community service like pick up litter and did charity works, come door to door asking something people that they don't want or need for donation. I also worked with charity organizations like Sacred Heart Mission, I help them prepare foods for charity. 

    I can say that I don't really have a cultural shock. There are many different cultures in Singapore, so I don't reallt face cultural shock in Australia, I just feel normal. Also I have had different cultures throughout my life so when I came here it wasn't like a shock, I can adapt to it normally. but definitely, you will find differences when it comes to people, there are many types of people but most people here are more friendly compared to Singapore. 

    It depends on where you staying, I spend 600 dollars on rent, and 200 on food. So approximately you'll spend a total of 1000 dollars per month, but in the end, it depends on your lifestyle. 


    I haven’t interned yet, maybe soon. but I have worked a part-time job. 

    Focus on the study, you can have fun but don’t get sidetracked. Just try focus on your study.

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