A dreamy PhD career in Australia

My kickstart of abroad career was very much challenging initially due to global pandemic situation. In whole 2019 I searched for a supervisor to pursue my research degree. But you know, it is a time consuming method to manage a supervisor. There is a wise saying that "if you mail 100 Professors, you can manage one supervisor". But to hunt the supervisor many knowledge you have to gather regarding that particular supervisor. So it takes much time. Unfortunately, I could not manage a supervisor until august 2019. Thereafter, I was thinking of an option to manage a coursework there in Australia (my dream country). But I was not still determined to pursue the coursework. Anyway, I appeared at IELTS and applied for some coursework. In November,2019 I received an offer letter from University of South Australia. But I was still hunting supervisors. In December, when corona outbreaked then I decided to fly to Adelaide to pursue my coursework.

In 14th February, 2020 I entered Adelaide and I had a plan to take my family within 3 months. But unfortunately, the Australian border restrictions applied since 1st March, 2020. And when I was writing this story, it is still closed. Last 15 months I am detached from my family. It is a common perception among the prospective students that they want to do job after coming abroad to manage at least some of there tuition fees. When Australia underwent lockdown, all the companies started firing their staffs. There was no new job opportunity. I received 25% scholarship from my university. During lockdown, different communities come forward to support the international students. Australian government also distributed some financial aid to them through the universities. All the face to face classes turned into the online classes. It was really a very new experience in my life. Simultaneously, I was continuing my supervisor hunting. Fortunately, I could meet my present supervisor in The University of Adelaide and she was satisfied enough to give me an opportunity to do my research under her supervision.

Actually, before coming to Australia I have travelled at least 25 countries of the world as holiday making is my hobby. So, I am accustomed to adopt myself in different customs and cultures. Nevertheless, I was astonished when I started interacting with the regional people. After doing outstanding performance in IELTS exam I became very much helpless as their accent, colloquial language became the biggest shock for me. I discovered that most of my homeowners english conversation I could not understand. Because, there are many colloquial words they use that are not available in our practicing English. Like one day, my homeowner called me and told to meet him at ARVO. I could not understand. I asked one of my friends and he told me that ARVO mean evening. I was just heartbroken. Lol.

Regarding living cost, I must say that it depends upon your lifestyle. In Adelaide, the basic costs are house rent/fooding/transport. You will not get a minimum standard furnished shared house below 150 australian dollar (AUD) per week. If you live in the heart of the city you need not to maintain any car (Here you will get good second hand car by spending 60,000-2,00,000 Bangladeshi taka). You can travel by bus/train/tram. In the city, Tram charge is free. You can bear a student metro card that costs much less in bus/tram/train. But remember, food cost is higher in Australia. If you cook yourself it should not cost more than 50 AUD per week. But if you are foody person Adelaide is a very bad place for you because here you will get different delicious dishes of different cuisines that will cut your pocket.

Before achieving the PhD Research Scholarship I used to do the ubereats. But it needs South Australian license. Here you have to take driving lesson that is very costly like 60 AUD per hour. If you have any driving license in your country it is a little bit easier for you to get a local license. Otherwise, you should not dream to earn by doing ubereats or any driving job as it takes more time and money to achieve a driving license for a new driver (who never drove before). You can do some receptionist job, restaurant jobs and kitchen hand/ car wash jobs. These jobs are very popular among the international students. But remember, these all jobs are casual jobs. Don't plan to get citizenship doing these jobs. By doing ubereats for 20 hours a week (you are permitted to do this period work according to visa status) you can earn 500-700AUD per week. During teaching break you can work 40 hours a week taking permission from the university. Besides, you can work in mashroom farm/ vineyard during teaching break that gives you handsome remuneration. Some students do the age care courses/Barista/RSA courses in expense of maximum1500-2000 AUD that can manage you a standard salary job. But mind it, every job is taxable except the hand cash jobs.

For the research career, you need to publish some scientific articles in the global standard journals. You need to have ORCiD, RG, Scopus, Publon, Figshare ID. These will make your profile heavy to get a supervisor. Teaching or academic experience will add more value. So, prepare yourself accordingly to get a research position where Australian government will bear all of your expenditures including air fare. Now what facilities I am enjoying, I had to prepare myself for last a few years to achieve it.

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