Dream it make it

    It was amazing to study in Malaysia. I mean new people with new culture and different curriculum was really fun to have. It didn't took much time for me to cope up with.

    The teachers, mentor and supervisor were really helpful toward me. My supervisor was really a nice person. He used to make me understand all the topic raised and helped me to blend with the other research students of him.

    My mates were so good. it was really enjoyable to group study and hangout with them.

    And the full area of university is really big. I still miss the bus ride from my home to my faculty. Its a really beautiful campus. 

    Overall my best experience for life to study in Malaysia.

    No I didn't face any shock. But ofcourse I was shocked to see the people were so keen of food and kind towards each other.

    In 2012 to 2017 my life was smoothly going with RM 2000.

    Not really

    I must say it was good choice. My only advice is be informative each step you take forward.

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