Istiaq's Life changing study abroad journey

I would say it’s life-changing. I have finished my master's in biomedicine at the University of Bergen (Uib)Norway. After that, I got a 3-year contract as a staff engineer from the web. But after finishing 2 years I got a Ph.D. Offer from Uib. Next month hopefully I am going to start my Ph.D. Position. Why I am saying it’s life-changing because after finishing my master's from Dhaka University, I was a simple quality control officer in Aristo pharma Ltd which didn’t fulfill my expectations.

I think if someone can take everything normally and focus more on the study, you will not feel any cultural shock. I think language is a barrier when you come to a country other than English speaking that might have some effect on your regular life

Living cost depends on how much you can manage your money. My living cost was approximately 60000-70000 taka per month

I worked my entire study time as a waiter in a restaurant. I tried to work less as possible because it hampered my study

My suggestion will be if you come as a self-financing study program, life can be difficult. Be patient, focus more on the study. You can earn a lot of money by doing a part-time job but that can lead you in a different direction.. the only way to get better life abroad is too focused on study. A good result can give you a good job, a good job can give you a good life and can give you the opportunity to stay abroad permanently with respect

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