Muhammad Syuhada
    Volunteering Summer Camp In Thailand

    Volunteering especially in teaching and learning education in Thailand is my most impressive and valuable first experience, where I was able to get the opportunity to be able to contribute to the world of education, especially abroad where this opportunity is not many people can get and as a young man I feel I am grateful to be able to use my time to be productive. Based on the experience of previous volunteers, I want to be able to take many benefits, especially volunteering abroad and be able to channel my potential to others.

    The cultural shock of volunteering in Thailand is the lack of Muslim places of worship available because the majority of religions in Thailand are Buddhist, so I can't pray in congregation and have to change Friday prayers to midday prayers as usual, as for food I have to be careful about it. choose food because there are many haram food available in Thailand. As for the environment in Thailand is not much different from the environment in Indonesia in general, it's just that more tourists visit Thailand

    For housing and daily meals, I don't have to pay a lot of money because I live for free at the school where I am provided with a place to live and eat, we only cook ourselves so it doesn't cost too much except for shopping for each other's personal needs .

    I only volunteered for 14 days in the Uthai Thani area at the Banputor school, where I taught English and mathematics

    My advice to someone who follows a path like me is to keep moving because in every movement there must be blessings and keep looking for experiences because experience is the best teacher with the many experiences we have hopefully can shape our personalities to be even better.

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