Internship at Consulate General In Hong Kong

Very grateful and nice to be given the opportunity to be there, i hope to be back there again, this is my first time first experience studying abroad, It's great to meet new people and different cultures from Indonesia, as well as the beauty of the city. 


You won't regret studying in Hong Kong.



Individual culture, so sometimes they don't really care about their surroundings.

some people don't deal with tourists kindly, luckily there was no racism there during my stay in Hong Kong.


Twice more expensive than Indonesia, for one person can be $3500 - $5000/ month.

But if you're smart about finding solutions to reduce spending costs, it won't be hard


I interned for two months at the Indonesian embassy located in Hong Kong, very pleasant days doing activities in hong kong city ,can learn many things, how hong kong relations with Indonesia from all aspects

Fight harder and don't give up, always be good with people from any country.

must always want to know something.

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