Omer Sarwar
    Bitter about Britain

    Here I go on a rant against my Western overlord and coloniser !

    Having served in a couple of multinationals for around 5 years right after my under grads and still craving for non-existent sense of fulfilment, one fine morning I woke up from the wrong side of my bed only to end up with one of the worst decisions of my life.

    I never felt at home in the town I ended up in. The historical city of Bath has to offer a few attractions but other than that you can’t put up with the weather and its people. The weather makes you realize that you simply can’t fight the forces of nature. Summer would last no more than a week and you will have to learn to put up with the general gloom and doom in terms of grey skies and intermittent rain and cold winds. It actually is true for the whole country. The class composition in School of Management is the worst being overly crowded with students of Chinese and South East Asian origin. I had my MSc in International Development from the Uni of Bath. Teaching was lopsided as well. I had good teachers and then there were some who, it seemed, had no clue why they were in this line of business in the first place. My English class fellows were really stuck up and unfriendly. I could only hang around with other international students which was alright. Bath is a tiny city and you’ll really find it hard to find a job to keep yourself afloat.

    Finally my two bit for prospective students. Forget about the rankings, go to a bigger city and get the experience of a lifetime. My stupidity and naivety brought me nothing but grief. Am now settled in Melbourne with my family and regret having given up on Australia back then. This is my case study and I would encourage you to make yours a better one and not end up writing rants and harbouring regrets. There are plenty of things to take into account but as far as the choice of the location is concerned, I say go for London, Manchester or Birmingham.

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