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    Study in Japan

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    Study in Japan

    Studying abroad is very interesting and important to have the advanced knowledge of developed countries and their methods of teaching and level of education. Japan was one of my favorite countries and when I was very happy to have the scholarship from Japan government. I was having an idea of Japanese culture which was totally wrong when I arrived because I was expecting what was showing in movies but that was the Samurai era and now they are totally following the west. The food was also not acceptable to me as it was my first chance to have raw stuff in food but slowly and gradually I start eating it. The people of Japan are very poor in English and also shy to talk to foreigners in English but they are very kind heart. If you ask Japanese people for help, for example ask the location of a place, then they will not only show you the way but if possible as in most cases, they will take you to the place. They are very polite and also the language is very polite. They dont have strong words in language. You can easily imagine the softness that they do not clearly say "No" to you but mostly say "I do not know". Their education system is very advanced in every aspect. They have advanced knowledge, advanced machinery and a lot of education funds. Its also the most secure country on Earth. Some time I forget to lock my room but no one try even to open my door and if you lost something then do not worry, you must be 90% sure that you will get your stuff  back. I love Japan and like to stay and work here after completing my education       

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