Kevin Larsen
    Studying at RIT

    I didn't study overseas, but I did go to a good school, my first choice.  This was all back in 1995, I studied Computer Science.  It was local to me, but I lived in the dorms.  People in the dorms generally had good families, talked about their lawyer brothers and sisters, getting good jobs for the summer.


    Studying at RIT makes you feel elite.  We worked in Unix, used Sun Sparcstations.  We learned object-oriented programming, a state of the art topic, properly in a pure object oriented language.


    I liked the extracurricular activities.  Even back in 1995, I watched anime and asian movies after class.  I worked in the cafeteria for federal work-study.


    Talking about exchange students though.  There was a Korean student there that was my friend then.  He said conversing in English was harder than writing and reading.  Apparently there were a lot of exchange students.  They came in the summer to get ready and all had taken their English as a Foreign Language tests.  One time he wanted to apply to another college and I was helping him.  He told me "informations" was the proper plural of information.  It was interesting to have that discussion.  I was puzzled and let him believe it since if it was a normal word it would've been "informations" as plural.


    I only went one year.  I had to quit due to financial reasons.  Now though I study a lot from colleges online.  Coursera, edX, Open Yale Courses, MIT OpenCourseWare.  I get free education from the web about as difficult and thorough as at RIT.  It's good preparation for people who are going to go to college, especially a tough one.  I'm currently trying to take Computer Science degree equivalent on MIT OpenCourseWare.  If you google "Scott H Young MIT Challenge" you can learn more about how to do it.


    RIT is a great college for intelligent, studious students who want great education, especially in Computer Science.  Other colleges like Cornell and MIT might be too hard to get into, but RIT is a little easier to attend than them.

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