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    • D costa pavel

      Should I take economics, advertising, marketing as major?

      I want to have a degree that incorporates my writing skill and my interest in data analysis that will have a huge impact on the society and will be useful in a future attempt.whats the best one for me?
      • Amein Elsheikh

        Cranfield or Hull

        Hello, I'm looking for advise from people who...d an educational experiment in UK I&#39...o offers for MSc. Energy Engineering fro.... I'm really confused in my choice...y master there established sinc...

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      • Internship in Hong Kong

        Internship in Hong Kong

        I think it was one of the most exciting because I have spent a few months living abroad doing an internship. there I got a wonderful experience not only from my internship but also from that country 
      • Study Abroad: Learn Spanish in Colombia

        Study Abroad: Learn Spanish in Colombia

        Before I decided to go to Colomb...I had time to think about sever...managed to found information...ship provides training in Spa...ish. But I still insisted on going and studying Spa...years since the study progra...ienated while living...
      • Volunteering Summer Camp In Thailand

        Volunteering Summer Camp In Thailand

        Volunteering especially in teaching and learning education in Thailand is my most impressive and valuable first ex...eers, I want to be able to take many benefits, especially volunteering...
      • Internship at Consulate General In Hong Kong

        Internship at Consulate General In Hong Kong

        Very grateful and nice to be given the opportunity...there, i hope to be back there again, this is my first time first experience studying abroad,&...  You won't regret studying...
      • Studying in Malaysia

        Studying in Malaysia

        Before going Malaysia, I had few other Euro countries in my mind....ose Malaysia because of it being a Muslim...Nevertheless, when I started studying I realis...PhD from the same university in...
      • Starting study in corona crisis

        Starting study in corona crisis

        I started my study just weeks befor...s been a hard beginning, especially...ed to it. But study abroad...stance and affording..it adds...rk island of happiness, so yo...ffect you if you insist to co...ming not just to study, but g...personality and stu...
      • Student life in Kuala Lumpur

        Student life in Kuala Lumpur

        See the World-  The bigg...hould consider a study abroad pr...ee the world. By studying abroad, you...new country with incredible n...The benefits of studying abr...en I arrive in Malaysia,...hen I am doing a study abroad...When I fini...
      • Bitter about Britain

        Bitter about Britain

        Here I go on a rant against my Western overlo...d coloniser ! Having served in a couple of multinationals f...of fulfilment, one fine morning...eral gloom and doom in terms of...they were in this line of busin...en. This is my case stu...
      • From Vietnam to Chemeketa Community College, USA

        From Vietnam to Chemeketa Community College, USA

        Growing up as a curious boy, scien...we did not have things like that in Vietnam....ields. I am now an internationa...alem, Oregon. I am studying Pre...ure shock is still inevitable,...e is not all about studying, bu...on white water rafting...
      • College student living in Seattle

        College student living in Seattle

        A few years back, i attended University of Washington in Seattle....whelmed by the sheer amount of upcoming predicam...and luxurious lives, I love programming...

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