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    • Linh Hue Huynh

      Towson University 4th Webinar - You are invited! in Towson University

      Director of Towson University International Recruitment, Ms. Larisa Brener, will be directly discussing with prospective international students about undergraduate and graduate programs, admission process, tuition and fee, housing, and international scholarship. Since the webinar will be c...

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      • IvyTies

        Want to study in USA? Stop now and read this first in Resources

        About 750,000 foreign students enter the United States of America each year. It is the most preferred destination for students all over the world. While USA does not have the world’s oldest university (that distinction goes to University of Karueein, Morrocco), all of the “Ivy Le...

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        • Stephen Sobierajski

          The Culinary Institute of America is on Tour in Asia! in The Culinary Institute of America

          We’re coming soon to these cities. We’re coming to Asia! Meet with the CIA during one of our scheduled events below. Learn all about the college that food industry leaders turn to when hiring. Register to meet with us at https://ciachef.wufoo.com/forms/sffqehg0htepsp/ March 18&m...

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          • Rania

            Full funded scholarships in Europe?

            Hey.. I'm a languages student and I want to study abroad with a full _funded Scholarships (in europe) 

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            • IvyTies

              Hành trình người bán trà chanh dạo chinh phục học bổng MBA ở Châu Âu

              Cơ hội cho tất cả bạn sinh viên, những bạn  đi làm muốn chinh phục giấc mơ du học. Cùng trò chuyện với bạn TRẦN NGHỊ LỰC- từ một người bán trà chanh dạo đã thành công trong việc tìm kiếm học bổng thạc sĩ ở Phần Lan   ...

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              • IvyTies

                No money from parents to study abroad?

                No money from parents to study abroad? You can still self-fund your college education. At   Alfred University, more than 98% of students receive some form of #financial  assistance! More interestingly, Alfred University has an eye-opening campus and is one of the #best looking p...

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                • IvyTies

                  Nothing else like Singapore if you want to study abroad. It is the best educational place in Asia and one of the best in the world in Resources

                  Many people want to go USA, Europe, Australia, Canada for studying. But most of them don’t know that Singapore is the best education place in Asia and one of the best in the world. Singapore offers lots of scholarships and waiver of tuition fees for good students. In many of the subject are...

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