Study in Canada for Master,s Programme.

Hello, can some one please tell me some Canadian University name which offer Industrial Engineering subject  and which University Offer in supply chain management Subject  for master's degree. Also Please tell me how much work field on this sector in Canada. Is it good choice to select one of this subject in work at Canada.


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    • Imran _Fahim

      The University of Toronto will be the best when it comes to delivering the best SCM-based course as they offer Operations and Supply Chain Management, certifications which will be helpful for you to get the job. Do your homework carefully before choosing this course in Canada. You can check with the following universities: 

      University of Toronto 
      University of Saskatchewan 
      The University of Manitoba. 
      University of Concordia 
      Thomson river University. 

      Universities provide bachelor's, Masters's, and Ph.D. Programs. Community Colleges, Private Colleges provide Bachelors, graduate diploma & Postgraduate diploma which are more of job oriented courses. If your main aim is to settle in Canada with a good job and get PR down the line for 3 years, then go for these programs which are cost-effective and job-oriented.