Study in Canada for Master,s Programme as a Textile Background student.


I am studying as a Textile engineer. This December I complete my graduation. I am preparing for the IELTS. So now i want to apply Canadian University's for my master' s .Any one can help me which university i need to select and also which subject is good to doing masters(related my filed) study in Canada that i can move forward in my future work field at Canada as going good.

Thank you

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    • Imran _Fahim

      The University of Manitoba and the University of Alberta and have a small Textile Science department. Most other programs are fashion-based or fiber arts, and not technical. You can check with the following universities.

      University of Alberta: Textile and Apparel Science
      University of the Fraser Valley
      Academy of Fashion Design.
      Anna Templeton Centre for Craft, Art and Design.
      Alberta College of Art & Design.
      Brock University.
      Banff Centre for the Arts.
      Concordia University.
      College of the North Atlantic.
      University of Manitoba - Student Affairs - Admissions - Faculty of Human Ecology - Textile Sciences (BSc. only; program suspended)
      You can also look for Materials Engineering schools. Use the government website to search.
      Choose more than one university and apply to all those shortlisted universities. Check out the university requirements carefully and keep an eye on deadlines. 

      There is almost no textile industry in Canada and it is growing next to no plants for making textiles. Canada only has a small clothing industry. 

      Textile Engineer in Canada

      Hope it helps. Good Luck