How can a South African student get a scholarship to study abroad?

    Reabetsoe Hoeane

    I am currently doing my Advanced Diploma I’m Arts and Design. I love design but I am not sure if it is something I want. I don’t necessarily know what I want to do but I have been looking into the fields of computer and Business. I would like to study it abroad though, hopefully in the UK. How can I get a scholarship to study abroad? I am afraid to look things up and then end on a site that’s just there for human trafficking. Can anyone direct me to sites or guide me please. 


    Answers (1)

      • CareerCoach

        In the UK and in many European universities graduate study is sponsored whether domestic or foreign.  The student must apply and be accepted. In the US, there are few international students who can be admitted to masters programs with support unless there is a private scholarship available.  In the PhD programs of US, UK, and Europe, the support is more accessible because the student will perform teaching and research activities in conjunction with external funding (grants, etc.)

        The key is being awarded a four-year degree. If the undergraduate degree is not a four-year degree, then the SA student should pursue additional study (up to and including a masters) to prove that they posses four years of pre-doctoral education.