How to improve my profile after class 12 in india ?

    Medini Shahare

    Hi I have calculated my gpa on 5 scale for 9th ,10th ,11th and 12th and it is somewhat 4.3 . I'm planning to give jee mains in 2021 which is entrance exam in india . I want to do reaserch so I want to get admission in massachusetts institute of technology . Please share what all I can do like extracurricular activities and other important exams to improve my profile 

    Answers (1)

      • Krishna Savani

        MIT and other similar colleges are very competitive. You need to show that you are among the most intelligent students in India in science / maths / computer science. You need to win a national competition (e.g., Olympiad) or even an international one. You will have to take the regular SAT and the SAT subject tests in maths, physics, and chemistry. For extracurricular, any sports, chess, or other activities would be fine.