Is it possible to shift from Telecom engineering to Masters in Mathematics or Data analysis?

    Benazir Bashar Riddhe

    I have completed my Bachelors in Telecom engineering but now I want to change to Mathematics. Is it possible to shift to Masters directly or do I have to complete another Bachelor first? I have a low CGPA and I also have a financial barrier. In this case, which country and which process would be the best option for me? 

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      • CareerCoach

        Usually an admissions to a masters program in mathematics will go to individuals who have substantial coursework in mathematics at the undergraduate level. There are some programs that will admit and individual without all of the prerequisite course work but cannot advance to candidacy for the masters  until that coursework is completed.

        In addition, some graduate programs in the US will not recognize a 3-year bachelors degree as the degree necessary for admission.  If an individual has a 3-year undergraduate degree, then another year or two would be necessary before masters admission.

        Lastly, there is only a rare circumstance that an Bachelors in Telecomm Engineering and should at least these courses: integral and differential calculus, advanced differential equations, numbers theory, matrix algebra, and statistics.