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Tawfiq al Rehaan

Tawfiq al Rehaan

First time college applicant

How should I prepare myself to study in USA from Bangladesh?

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  • CareerCoach


    First time college applicant

    Your question is broad and without much context. 

    I am am assuming the following :

    (1) you have an acceptance to an American university

    (2) You want to study “on site” and “face-to-face in the US.


    I feel that there are significant obstacles to realizing the second assumptions. The COVID-19 outbreak is forcing most universities to suspend all classroom instruction and to convert to online. You can do online anywhere, even in Bangladesh.


    I can alternatively assume that you trying to gain admission to an American university and you have the scholastic ability but lack the money for tuition and living.


    In the case, you would need to seek scholarships which are difficult to obtain. If you seeking a STEM degree, a scholarship might be possible. The usual financial support is confusing because of COVID-19 , though.


    Best of luck