How can I apply for a Germany fully funded Scholarship

Cyrille Damien Mk

Cyrille Damien Mk

First time college applicant

Hey. I want to apply for a Fully funded Germany Scholarship to study law as an undergraduate.

I need help on how to find the link to do that.


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  • D K

    D K

    Attended Universit├Ąt Konstanz

    Hi there. Getting a scholarship in Germany is not easy. I should warn that it is essentially a lottery, so don't put too much hopes into it. Also, while there are more Bachelor Programs than Masters, I think there are not as many English ones. You haven't specified you need an English one, so I'll omit this condition. Yet, German is VERY recommended and significantly improves your chances, regardless of the language of your future degree. 


    Your priority #1 is gathering a set of documents, point 3 in the link Please don't hesitate to spend some money to get a certified translation with the stamp of a licensed translator. The trick is also to get your documents before the deadline for the program. It might be difficult depending on the country, when your grades are not yet ready, but the deadline forces you to send them. In this case it's normally ok to send the notes from the last semester/year with a note that you'll send an update. Normally they allow it.


    As for the scholarship program, the most likely choice is DAAD: It also gives you a nice filter to pick the universities and programs it sponsors. You need to pick a few programs on your priority, write a motivational letter and... hope for the best. Keep in mind that DAAD is not a single scholarship, but a collection of almost 200, depending on your preferred program, you might find it better to pick a specialized one, it can be architecture, economics, IT, etc.:


    Other than DAAD there are a few other scholarships, but often they are much tougher to get and might be more demanding/specialized:


    If you decide to put full-throttle, you can go on the website of the universities one-by-one and check if they have private scholarships. Just a random example: While it is often the case, also often these are partial or limited geographically/by gender/to disabled or otherwise disadvantaged only. Good luck!


    Finally, DAAD is known to give scholarship on the 2nd, 3rd and more tries, so you can keep applying for the programs each year without penalties.