Searching for Medical Universities.

Ermelinda Baltazar

Ermelinda Baltazar

First time college applicant

I’m Ermelinda Baltazar, from East Timor. I’ve just finished my Senior high school in College of St, Ignatius of Loiola in East Timor, and now i’m still searching for some scholarship, especially in Medical Scholarship. So if you know some Medical Scholarship, please help me. And thankyou for your attentions and helping!!!


2 Answers

  • Sahroz Khan

    Sahroz Khan

    Applying for Postgraduate Studies

    U can apply for JDS scholarship in your countey

    U also can apply for chinese scholarship which is abundant for ur nation and u also can apply for medical education in other countries like thailand,,india

  • Mohamed Fathy

    Mohamed Fathy

    Applying for Postgraduate Studies

    You can search for scholarships through show academy or try to send emails to professors in colleges among the world so you can start as researcher then going on

    Also university of umeå in Sweden each January make free masters degree in medical