I want to do a BA in English Literature. Can you tell me which country and university is suitable for the course?

Akriti Mistry

Akriti Mistry

First time college applicant

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  • Tania Hossain

    Tania Hossain

    Applying for Postgraduate Studies

    The University of Texas at Dallas offer B.A in Literature. It is situated in USA. There students must successfully complete 120 hours to graduate, with 42 hours from the University’s core curriculum and 45 in the major. 

        After completing degree in literature you can go for careers in journalism, advertising or public relations, publishing, editing, grant
    writing, translating, teaching or working for a nonprofit business organisation across  all over the world. Because the following university  has intellectuals faculty  members  whom are internationally renounce  scholars and performers. So, you can apply there and can enjoy your study with friendly environment. 

    Best of Luck!   


    ★Graduated B.A  in English Literature from Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)