Any free resources for TOEFL with a 7 days study plan?

Amit Joshi

Amit Joshi

Applying to Georgia Institute of Technology and 7 other colleges

I'm targeting a 105+ and my test is on 29th. Any help shall be appreciated. :)

1 Answers

  • CareerCoach


    First time college applicant

    If you are a STEM student you and score high on quantitative skill, it is possible that whatever you get on the TOEFL will not likely affect your chances for admission. BUt I think your question might be the cost of the TOEFL. I cannot answer that. 

    However, I saw this on "...Colleges that accept international students without the TOEFL include all schools within the California State University and State University of New York systems, as well as several other institutions such as Stanford University and the University of Southern California..." You may need to verify this.