Calculating High School GPA

Kono Kalakaua

Kono Kalakaua

First time college applicant

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How does Stanford University calculate high school GPA?
1. Do they use my GPA that was calculated in my high school or do they calculate differently?
2. Do they count all of my high school grades 9th-12th grade for the GPA?
3. If I repeated the class to improve my grade but did not fail the class originally do they count my new grades, an average of the two scores, or do not count any repeated classes at all?
4. I took some online classes outside of my school. If I send a separate transcript of them and as long as it was UC approved, do they count that in my GPA?
5. I also took some community college classes. Do they also count them in GPA if I send by separate transcript?

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  • Krishna Savani

    Krishna Savani

    Hi Kono, the Stanford admission website is probably the best source of information for all this. Here are my guesses:


    (1) They use the high school's GPA

    (2) Yes

    (3) I think they would count the new grade but am not sure

    (4 and 5) They will consider this information, so just send it in. It won't change your GPA calculation but can help make up for some deficiences in your GPA.