What is the process to get into Stanford University?

Saniya Inamdar

Saniya Inamdar

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I am studying in 12th grade. Also I am preparing for IIT-JEE. But my dream college is Stanford university where i would like to study engineering. I am in need of financial aid because my parents won't be able to raise such a large sum. This thing bars me from making a change.
I would like to know about the admission processes and the exams i need to attend being an international student.

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  • Krishna Savani

    Krishna Savani

    Fortunately, most top US colleges, including Stanford, give full need-based scholarship to all international students. That is, they will admit you based on merit without any consideration to whether you can pay the fees or not. Once you are admitted, they will ask for your parents' income and assets, and then according to a pre-set formula, decide how much your parents should contribute to your education. For students from developing countries from middle-class families (like myself), they give nearly full scholarship. So there is absolutely no need to worry about finances - you just need to present such a strong application that Stanford would want to admit you. Focus on what makes you unique from thousands of other applicants to Stanford.