Masters in MIS from USA?



I am planning to pursue my post grad in MIS from USA. I don't trust most of the consultants,so asking some questions here.


I don't want to spend too much on MIS. My budget is somewhere below 30L(INR).

What are some good colleges under my budget?

1) College Fees within my budget?

2) Scope after MIS in USA?

3) Is USA best choice under current scenario?


2 Answers

  • Krishna Savani

    Krishna Savani

    You need to do some research on the internet. First, check which US colleges offer MIS degrees. Here is a list of "top 25 MIS degree programs in the US," along with the fees:



    For the scope, you need to contact existing students in MIS degree programs at the schools you want to apply to.


    Whether USA is the best choice depends on what are your goals. What other options are you considering? You need to figure out what your options in terms of countries / college and then try to estimate where you are most likely to get a job after an MIS degree.

  • Thanks for the link Krishna.

    To answer your question.Yes, Apart from US i am considering Canada.Because of less expenditures(tuition/living) and also easy PR process. 


    I am filtering out top colleges in Canada now and simultaneously preparing for IELTS/GRE.


    I was initially looking for US. But my friend who is in US for MS suggested Canada, citing low job opportunities for international students in present, as the reason. So i got a little confused and started to look towards Canada(which does't seem to be a bad option either). What is your take on this?