How could I get admission  for my higher graduation and how could I arrange money and also please let me know what are the minimum requirements?

Swaroop Kumar

Swaroop Kumar

First time college applicant

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    First time college applicant

    Swaroop Kumar,

    My apologies for not responding sooner.

    I'm a bit confused by your terminology as you may be alluding to an educational system that is based on the UK schema. For example, I'm not clear what "higher graduation" means. I also unclear about "let me know what are the minimum requirements?"

    I'm going to guess. I'm assuming that you may be in high school or an undergraduate. If your academic achievement is in the upper 95%, scoring well on any required or suggested standardized test is recommended. This may mean the SAT, ACT or GRE.  If you are applying to a graduate program, you might want to gain undergraduate research experience (URE) which would give you a good faculty or researcher recommendation letter.  While recommendation letters may not be a deciding factor, they don't  hurt  and may help you gain admission. 

    If you are in high school, I recommend the following to secure your admission: (a) lead a community effort that shows leadership over many teams, benefits hundreds, if not thousands of people, and can get newspaper, internet or radio exposure; (b) write a book that makes the New York Times bestseller list; (c) invent and get a patent for some product or service.

    As to money, if you are an international student, the only funding possible is academic scholarship. Most US federal or state funding requires US citizenship.

    Best of luck.