What are the requirements to study graduate program in astrophysics in CalTech? And GRE?

Yeshwanth Badineni

Yeshwanth Badineni

First time college applicant

I am a student from India who is pursuing Mechanical engineering in under-graduate level  and I am interested in studying astrophysics as graduate course in Cal tech and if possible PhD too. Am I eligible to do that and if yes what should be my GRE and GRE physics scores and what other qualifications can help me joining the institute? Please answer me

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  • Krishna Savani

    Krishna Savani

    For most PhD positions, GRE scores are just used as a cutoff to screen out noncompetitive candidates. I don't know the details for Caltech astrophysics, but my guess is that you probably need full marks in GRE maths, but GRE verbal of 70th percentile should be enough. However, even 100% on GRE will not guarantee you admission for PhD. You need to have done very high quality research with your own ideas to get admitted into a good PhD program. The requirements are different for a Master's degree. Check out Caltech astrophysics department's website for more details.