Suggestions for Masters in English Literature in United Kingdom, United States or Canada?

Dimple Khattar

Dimple Khattar

Applying for Postgraduate Studies

I'm currently pursuing an undergraduate program in English Literature. I'm looking a two year Masters programme as my country do not accept a masters programme less than two years.

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    First time college applicant

    Of course, it might be difficult to give you suggestions that are aligned with your background and desired career goal.

    Generally the top ten English departments are: (1) UC Berkeley, (2) University of Chicago, (3) Columbia University, (4) Stanford University, (5) University of Pennsylvania, (6), University of California at Los Angeles, (7) University of Virginia, (8) Cornell University , (9) Harvard University, and (10) Princeton University (  I know of only the US programs.


    To obtain a graduate degree in literature is often courageous as the job outlook for faculty jobs in English is decreasing at the doctoral level and likewise at the masters level. The best job opportunities will go to the holders of the most prestigious graduate degrees. 


    Best of luck.