How much time should one spend for writing a SOP for Oxford Masters?

Dimple Khattar

Dimple Khattar

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    Thanks for asking your question. I do not have personal experience for a Statement of Purpose (SOP) for an Oxford’s masters. I can only say what it takes to do a SOP (twice I did this).  First, I would estimate that it should take at least 8 hours, if not more. What I mean, is that you spend one hour to write a rough draft. Then leave it until the next day. THen look at it the next day and make some adjustments. Leave it again. The next day, adjust and edit and then ask someone you respect to read it over.  Listen to that person(s). Then you go over it once again and make sure there are no grammatical errors.  The points to make is why you want to do graduate study, what you will give to society and how you will teach others.