How I become a successful man?

PrOño Jït

PrOño Jït

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    First time college applicant

    I believe that success is a cultural and personal value.  I’m not sure what you value most nor do I know what culture you might be.  Some individuals consider the possession of material goods to be successful. If  you have these things you should be successful. Other individuals might consider having power, authority and responsibility as fulfilling although with increased responsibility comes the salary or title.  Yet others feel successful if they can share their life with someone that can be with them for a very long time.  

    I am biased. I consider winning “winning the hand” of a dedicated and loyal mate is the most successful thing for a man as a man cannot have a healthy life without a companion.  If you have a companion and you possess things, it’s that much better. There is no “how-to” in attracting and obtaining a lifelong companion  Nor is there an owner’s manual to keep the companion. That is a success in my mind.

    In summary, I think there is no singular answer.