can some one suggest low tuition school In canada or australia for an undergraduate program in science

Odoh Joshua

Odoh Joshua

First time college applicant

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  • Teodora


    College student



    I currently live in Australia, so I can tell you a bit about the universities that I'm aware of.


    All the universities in Australia have similar prices for international students. At certain degrees you might be able to get scholarships. The only way to find that is if you search on the websites of all the universities. Deakin University and Victoria University in Melbourne have a the prices a little bit lower, then there are La Trobe, RMIT and Swinburne, and then Melbourne and Monash Universities have a bit bigger prices, but the difference is not very big. 


    My advice to you is to contact an agent who can help you with the application, and apply for more than one university. Some of the universities also offer scholarships, and the agent can help you with that, as well. Getting help from an agent is free of charge for the student who applies. There is an agent that I am aware of, and he has a great reputation. He is very competent and professional. He will contact you through this forum soon and you can decide if you want to work with him or not. :) 


    Best of luck!