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I have been in the contact of a professor under whome I want to apply for PhD, but I have not prepared any research proposal yet. Should I ask the Professor himself about the the topic or research problem and guidence about writing proposal?

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  • Tayeb


    Applying for Postgraduate Studies

    Yes you can ask your supervisor for guidance and ask for topics. Do an open discussion with your supervisor. Follow his next instructions.

  • CareerCoach


    First time college applicant

    I recommend that you approach the proposal writing in a deliberate manner. Even in a program where the Ph.D. is a "research-only" or Ph.D. by dissertation-only, it may be a bit early to be absolutely certain what your proposal will be. However, I like the USC guide (source: http://libguides.usc.edu/writingguide/researchproposal) . 

    Practically all research proposals follow these principals:


    Unless you are leveraging a masters' research proposal, the doctoral research proposal should not be a duplication of past effort, but a new look of a common problem or a comparison of an old method with a new approach that you are advocating.   Frequently, the final proposal is not approved until the middlle of the second year so your initial proposal may not meet what the professor wants. This is common. 

    Best of luck.