Any Of You Could Help Me In Knowing About Semester Exchange Program On Scholar Ship...?

I am Third Year Chemical Engineering Student I Wanrlt To Go Abroad On Smester Exchange Program On Scholarship.

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  • Tom Langland

    Tom Langland

    Graduated, not applying

    Many Universities offer reciprocal exchange programs for engineering students.  These have to be researched by individual schools, however.


    first, ask your engineering college if they have a reciprocal relationship with any foreign schools.  That would be the easiest first step.


    Another approach is to determine where you would be interested n going, research the good engineering colleges are there, and then research individual schools.  If they have a reciprocal program you should be able to get information and apply n line.  Here is an example.



    the reason I use the word 'reciprocal' isthat many schools have programs for their students to study abroad.  A reciprocal program is where they have this plus the opportunity for foreign students to study there as a 'swap.' This is what I think will be more of what you're looking for.