Affordable colleges outside India which include stayback Higher studies in Data Analytics or MobileApplicationDevelopment or Biotechnology/Informatics

I am  Bachelors Engineering degree holder, have 5 years of experience in Software development.

Now looking for higher studies in following fields.

Data Analytics
Mobile Application Development
Biotechnology / BioInformatics

could you please suggest the best and affordable colleges or universities outside India which includes stay-back PR option after studies.

1 Answers

  • fasroon


    College student

    you can check these universities, they got the field of studies which you are looking for. 

    1. Edinburgh Napier University 

    2. Anglia Ruskin University

    3. Northwood University

    4. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

    5. University of Melbourne.

    but don't know about the PR but they got scholarships.