Can I get admitted in Carnegie Mellon or CalTech with this profile?

Pranav Rodo

Pranav Rodo

First time college applicant

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Hi everyone. I'm a freshman at a very competitive public high school in the Silicon Valley. Yes, I may seem paranoid being a freshman, however, everything except for my GPA is awesome. Freshman year itself I got an internship at a small company my friend made directly targeted at small aged children, I'm also director of math at a well-known volunteering company around the area. I won a prize at a hackathon recently and won some other stuff since joining high school. I'm also trying to create my own company, but services for that company will be released later on this summer. ANYWAY. My current GPA is around 3.2. I'm taking 2 AP's and an honors course next year, in hopes that my GPA would bounce back, considering I do a lot of prep this summer for those courses and do well. My plans for the future seem great, but my GPA doesn't reflect who I am and the amount of work I do. Any thoughts? I really want to get into Carnegie Mellon or CalTech.

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  • Renjith Regi

    Renjith Regi

    Graduated, not applying

    Considering the profile that you have, no one can really question your potential. This is one of the most stellar profiles that I have come across for a person this young. Your have really done a lot at this age. Let me tell you one thing. Admission committees are known to evaluate an application holistically. This means that your GPA is only a part of the application. Your essays,recommendations, SAT/ACT score are all going to play a major role in your admission. It is good to see that you are taking steps to improve your GPA. My suggestion is that you focus on your essays and try to include all these awesome things that you have done. Get recommendations from the senior people who are well aware of your work. Focus on getting a decent SAT/ACT score as well. These can offset your GPA to a great extent. You can definitely make it CalTech or Carnegie Mellon. All the best!

  • CareerCoach


    First time college applicant

    In my opinion, you might get into CMU (Carnegie Mellon) if  you can score 1450 or higher in the SAT's. I think that's possible with your background. I don't think you will get even a nod or acknowledge from CalTech unless you score 1550 or higher on the SAT.