Which country is best for pursuing ms and getting a job in mechanical engineering except Germany

Vegesna Aditya Varma

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Suggest the best countries for mechanical engineers

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  • Renjith Regi

    Renjith Regi

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    Germany is known to be the best location to pursue MS in mechanical engineering. However, there are multiple other options as well. United States and United Kingdom have some of the best universities in the world for mechanical engineering. The US obviously leads the pack. This should give you a clear picture.


    When we speak about the job prospects of a Mechanical Engineer for international and national candidates who pursue a MS in Mechanical Engineering in the US, the average annual pay is bound to be above $70,000.  Oil and gas tops the list of companies that provide the highest pay for Mechanical Engineers. - usually an average of $146000+. 


    Cummins has been recruiting high number of Indians and internationals in the last few years, now Tesla with its high demands for Model 3, S and X, is becoming one of the highest recruiters of international students. Of course there are other companies like Jacobs Engineering as well which recruit international candidates.


    There are more than 100 companies that sponsor H1B visa for international students with a MS degree.When it comes to Mechanical Engineering jobs, As expected Mid-West (Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana) has the most concentration of Mechanical Engineering jobs, for most of the automotive manufacturers have their presence in and around that area. The other notable spots are California and Texas.