How to get into Caltech??

Aditya vyas

Aditya vyas

First time college applicant

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As it's my favorite college but in India no one have a specific information I wanted to ask for a particular answer from the students mainly from america...and also wanted to know when the college admissions take place there??

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  • Greg Dahlen

    Greg Dahlen

    Attended Stanford University

    Hi, Aditya. A friend asked me to answer this question for you. I didn't go to Caltech. I have a degree from Stanford in English. But I'll do my best.


    Caltech is a school that specializes in math and science. So if you want to go there you should want a career in math and science. In your preparation for the school, you should take lots of math and science classes, and you should work very hard and do very well in them. But you should also do well in your other courses, as I'm sure Caltech wants students who are good at academics in general.


    You will have to do such things as take the SAT, take an SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2, and take 1 SAT science subject test: biology (ecological), biology (molecular), chemistry, or physics. On this page you can see a complete list: I imagine you will have to do very well in them.


    I do know someone who has a bachelor's and master's from Caltech. He said that in his opinion most of the people who apply to Caltech have great math and science scores. So he thought maybe the way Caltech decides who to admit is based on their extracurriculars. I asked him what extracurriculars he thought might be good. So far he hasn't replied, but when he does I'll add it to this answer. I would guess you want extracurriculars that are really solid, where you're spending your free time doing something challenging and worthwhile. What do you do now in your free time when you're not in school? Are you involved in any clubs at your school? Do you play sports? Study music? I would think some of your extracurriculars should probably involve math and science, but perhaps you should do some that aren't math and science so you don't look too one-dimensional.


    These are your various deadlines related to applying:


    Here's a general statement as to what Caltech looks for:


    I think Caltech only admits about 230 new freshmen each year. So it may be difficult. But if you think you have a chance, go ahead and apply.