how to prepare ourself for MS ?



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Hi I graduated in 2010 in BE CS . Later worked in MNC for 6 years.I have applied for MS in cs for fall 2017. What sort of preparation is required for the studies? Please assit. Thanks in advance.

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  • Chathurika


    Student at Clemson University



    Make an online account first. Fill in the information.

    You will need to complete Toefl and GRE with good scores. 

    You will need to send a CV, Recommendation letters and a statement of purpose.


    Good luck

  • Hello Priyanka, Agree with @Chathurika. You can check IvyTies for timelines. Each college has their own timeline. You can add them to your calendar and It will appear on your dashboard. You will get alerts and reminders if any deadline arrives. Let me know if you need any more help.