Particle Physics or High Energy Physics

Navjot Kaur

Navjot Kaur

Attended Guru Nanak Dev University

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Hello everyone! I want to see a guy studying in the field of particle physics (PhD or any kind of research) in Australia or Canada. Please Help.

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  • Isha Savani

    Isha Savani

    Graduated, not applying

    I did MSc in particle physics in the Netherlands, but may be I can help with your questions. Do you have any specific question? 

  • Thanks Isha,

    Yes, I have a question. I did my Masters in Physics from GNDU India Last year. I want to do PhD in particle physics or high energy physics. Obviously a University having collaboration with CERN would be the best option, but I want to ask, without having any research experience in this field, what is the probability to get a PhD admission in a foreign university. I got 8 CGPA in masters', learned Mathematica and Latex, further learning C++ and Python and also preparing for ILETS. What if there is a study gap of about one year, although, I am working as an assistant professor in a degree college.