how much an ordinary student can earn and save while studing engineering in australia? can he help in giving his tution fees ?

muhammad hashir

muhammad hashir

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at undergraduate level.if he lives an ordinary life without giving extra expenses or luxury.

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  • Teodora


    College student

    Hi Muhammad,


    My name is Teodora and I am currently in my 3rd year at La Trobe University, Melbourne. I am an international student, from Romania.


    My fees for a semester are AUD 15,648. $31,279 per year. 


    Each semester has 13 weeks: 12 weeks of classes, and 1 week of break in the middle of the semester. This will be for 2017:


    27 February to 26 May    Semester 1

    14-17 April    Easter Break

    2-22 June    Semester 1 Examination Period


    24 July-20 October    Semester 2

    27 October-17 November    Semester 2 Examination Period


    It took me 6 months to get a job. Here in Australia, your “network” is very important. That means that, generally, in order to get a job, you need to “know someone”. In order to build this network, it takes time. You have to prove that you are hardworking, reliable, honest, etc. 


    Of course, you could be lucky, and get a job as soon as you arrive. But that is rare. 


    Also, you might find jobs with less than $20 per hour. Although it’s not “legal”, some small shops and pizza shops would pay you less. I got a job offer with $10/hour, but I declined. Then I got a casual job at uni, then a casual job at Subway. At Subway (the sandwich-making “shop”), they used to pay me with $20/hour. That was good. 


    With your student visa, you won’t be allowed to work more than 40 hours per fortnight (fortnight = 2 weeks). During holiday, you are allowed to work full time (40 hours/week). 


    Once you get a job here in Australia, with 20 hours per week you can definitely support yourself. However, you have to have some money to use, by the time you get the job.


    But with the tuition fees… that will be difficult. The best you can do is to save around $6,000 per year, but this doesn’t apply for the first year. For the first year, you will receive the visa to arrive in Australia at the beginning of your studies. So you don’t have the chance to work for 3 months before starting classes. Let me know if this makes sense to you. 


    The best thing for yourself, is to get in touch with some people from your community before coming to Australia. People are very helpful here, so get in contact with as many as you can. 


    Maybe there are company owners from Bangladesh that could hire you. Maybe some of them prefer to hire people from their home countries, because they know the native language. 


    This is a Facebook group for International Students in Melbourne. You can try to check this one, as well. Post a message there, and maybe someone will contact you. 


    If you have any other questions, please let me know.


    Kind regards,


  • Abhishek Sheetal

    Abhishek Sheetal

    Graduated, not applying

    Hello Muhammad. IvyTies is the best place to meet people all over the world and ask how does it feel like studying in that country. For example, I see @cehlerth and others who live in Australia. Maybe you can say hello to them directly

  • Dinesh Nannapaneni

    Dinesh Nannapaneni

    Applying for Postgraduate Studies

    Hello Muhammad,

    Considering your request, I would like to explain this situation in 2 different scenario’s

    Case-1:  I am aware that Latrobe tuition fee will be around 12 -14 K $ per semester which is for 12-14 weeks teaching period, if a student get good part time job he can earn 1600 $ per month (20 hours per week*20 $ plus pay). Out of that 1600 $ your expenses will be around 1400$(600$ for rent,200$ for transportation,400$ for food, Groceries &telephone bill, 200 for other miscellaneous expenses). That means savings will be minute at the time of teaching period. But once in a year u can work 3 months’ full time as part of your semester break. So in that period your income will be doubled i.e. 3200 $ per month*3 months will be 9600$ out of which your expenses will be 4200$, so u can earn 5400$. If we divide that amount to 2 semesters in a year 2700 per semester (20-23%) of your tuition fee can be paid from your savings.

    Case-1: On the other side I know these days it became really hard to get good part time job (I mean 20$ P/H). So you if you don’t get good pay rate, it is hard to manage your expenses and pay tuition fees.

    Please take it as an advice if u are looking to join in good university, please spend quality time in university and less prioritise your income.