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muhammad hashir

muhammad hashir

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plz .guide me in taking admission in engineering honours in australia.i am from pakistan.i scored 85.6% in my high school.

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  • Teodora


    College student

    Hi Muhammad,


    At your previous post, I thought that you are from Bangladesh (because the person who contacted me to ask me to answer the question is from Bangladesh - so I made a confusion, sorry).



    The people who helped me do my application for university are AMET Education Melbourne: 



    This is FREE for students. They can do your applications to all the universities you want to apply for.


    Melbourne and Monash University have some full scholarships (that cover your fees), but they are very very competitive and the application for Melbourne uni costs $100. 


    I am a student at La Trobe University, doing Bachelor of Engineering (Honours).


    In this degree, the first 2 years are the same for all engineering students. Then, in 3rd year, you choose between:

    • Civil Engineering
    • Multidisciplinary Engineering

    Compared to the traditional degrees, this one also has some subjects related to business, marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

    If you choose multidisciplinary engineering, you will do electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering.

    In 4th year you can get an Industry placement of 6 months (if you are a high achieving student), and sometimes it can even come with a $10,000 scholarship.


    This is the best degree in Victoria, from my point of view.


    Also, you can apply for a scholarship to help with your fees. Please see this website:



    My advice to you is to do your bachelor degree in your home country, and then apply for a Postgraduate Scholarship (for Master or PhD) here in Australia. 


    For postgraduate courses, there are scholarships that cover your fees (IPRS = International Postgraduate Research Scholarship)

    and other scholarships to give you a monthly amount of money to support yourself (APA = Australian Postgraduate Award)


    The places are very competitive, but if you get high grades at your bachelor, and you publish and article and make a good final project, you can succeed.


    Also, if you join engineering (no matter in which country), you should join IEEE:

    This is the largest (global) organisation for engineers.


    All the best!


    Kind regards,