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Prashant Gijbhaye

Prashant Gijbhaye

First time college applicant

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I have scored TOEFL 152 and GRE 278. Which institute i can get admission in? What would be the fee structure? Please guide me .

- Prashant

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  • Sonya Petkova

    Sonya Petkova

    Hi Prashant, I am an Academic Tutor and Counselor here at Ivy Ties. Thank you for your question!

    Based on your profile, I assume that you are applying for graduate programs in Engineering.

    Your GRE score is a bit low (for your information, the average GRE score over the past few years has been 305 points). Therefore, I would strongly suggest studying some more and re-taking the test. It is good to aim for at least 310 points.

    Of course, the GRE score is not the only deciding factor when applying for a graduate program. What is your GPA percentage? If it is quite good, you still have a chance. Also, do you have any good research papers/projects or participated in meaningful curricular activities?

    With these scores, you might be able to get into some lower-ranked universities but not into prestigious ones. Considering your GRE score, you might not be able to qualify for Financial Aid. You can expect the education costs to be around $40,000 or more per year.

    In order to advise you about particular schools, I would have to know more about your research and academic focus. I hope that this information has been helpful. Good luck and feel free to get in touch with me!