What should i do to stand a good chance on getting into Caltech? Internships? Outside Research?

Jared Carrillo

Jared Carrillo

First time college applicant

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I am a freshman in high school right now but i want to do everything i can to get into Caltech. I am taking every engineering clubs and classes my school provides as well asking for all the AP classes I can get. But i still find my self having a lot of free time doing nothing. Should I get an internship at a engineering company? Should i create a video game to show my programming skills?

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  • Greg Dahlen

    Greg Dahlen

    Attended Stanford University

    Well, between those two I would go for the internship. The advantage of an internship is that it makes you work with other people and acquire more skills of working with people. I think Caltech wants people who have good teamwork skills because most work you will do in your life will involve working with other people. Programming a video game is relatively lonely.

    But whatever you do, I would choose something that will challenge you, where you will learn something. I think universities like people who challenge themselves and try to learn, because those are people who will succeed in life. I would also say you don't necessarily have to choose something in the science and math fields, as long as it's something that challenges you and grows you. In fact the most successful people in math and science probably have other interests in other areas because having a variety of interests stimulates the mind and helps you to be creative in your most-focused area. Whatever you choose, try to go at it in a creative way where you go beyond the superficial knowledge that most people get. You could choose to develop a hobby, such as kite-flying for example. But in that case really delve into it. Read the history of it. Study the multiple ways kites are used. Study the details of kite construction and how different modes of construction affect flight. And whatever you choose, try to find a way to make it social. If you chose kite-flying join an association of kite-flyers where you get together and spend time with other people and work on your social skills as well as acquiring more knowledge about your interest.

    Whatever you choose, make it something you will like as well as trying to get into Caltech. If you like it you will feel much more like learning more about it and becoming creative with it.

    And have self-confidence. If it feels right for you, then it is right for you.

  • Wasiu Akande

    Wasiu Akande

    Graduated, not applying

    My advice for you is to get an internship at a engineering company because your chance of been getting accepted at caltech is not really sure as their acceptance rates is now 8%