Looking for a certificate course of 1 year or more in finance related fields

Fahim Anjum

Fahim Anjum

Applying for Postgraduate Studies

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I've done mba finance and is looking for a course which i am eligible to apply for immigration

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  • Zeeshan Azam

    Zeeshan Azam

    Applying for Postgraduate Studies

    YES! You can do any related short courses. I am not sure about your region but in my region (Pakistan) there are lots of institutes offering short courses specialising in Finance related fields.

    Being a Muslim I would like to suggest you to do Islamic Finance based courses. 


    Al-Huda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics is one of those institutions which is offering ONLINE courses and you will get genuine certification for its courses. Duration is min 4 months and max 12 months courses.

    I am sharing a site with you


  • Latif Khan

    Latif Khan

    Hello Dear,

    There are many short courses, but one can not figure out which course is fine for specific persons. Its all about one's personal interest which he/she wants to excel in. For instance, I am taking my example, I am dealing different in financial matters, but still I want to get specialized in Financial Risk Management, in which I haven't been involved so OR another option, I would go for is "Financial Engineering", which is ever great subject, but unfortunately I can not afford, nor they offer scholarships.

    Regarding your interest in immigration, first of all please tell which country your is interested in? Also, its obvious that the certificate you may study will not be demanded forever, as market demand changes with time.


    I would recommend to go for what you are interested in, personally, or which you can do at your best.... But still the following few (from long list) short courses can be studied: 1. Financial Management 2. Risk Management 3. Financial Engineering 4. Econometrics. 5. General Finance .
    6. NGO Management and Finance
    7. Financial Management & Procurement
    8. Project Management and Finance 9. Accounting & Finance 10. Money & Banking, 11. Islamic Banking & Finance (If the person is interested in Banking). 12. Strategic Management 13. Corporate Finance ....


    You can study the below mentioned link... but still I would say that different sectors have different requirement of Finance....yet the standards, throughout the world, remains the same


    ‚ÄčNOTE: Its only you who create your demand in the market. Just keep yourself up-to-date in your field. You will see positive changes.