What makes the ivy leagues special ??

Tejas Suresh

Tejas Suresh

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There have been so many nobel laureates ,fields medallists ,turing awardees from non ivy league backgrounds .Now is an investment worth it if I wanna become a researcher in a theoretical field ??

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  • Abhishek Sheetal

    Abhishek Sheetal

    Graduated, not applying

    Hello Tejas, You can find details of the Ivy League college sports association here in this link https://ivyti.es/1fho. There are other collegiate sports leagues such as NCAA in USA or the AoC in UK. First and foremost, IvyTies has no connection with these sports association. Secondly, Stanford and Berkeley which are the top universities in California, are not part of the Ivy League sports association. You can see the entire list of Nobel laureate's affiliation with various universities in this link. https://ivyti.es/1fhn. And as you can see that the top two universities that produce the most Nobel Laureates in the world are the Ivy Leagues and all the 8 Ivy League colleges have produced Nobel Laureates.

    Ivy League colleges also have endowments funds usually in the order of billions of dollars. Even the smallest among them, the Brown University, has $3 billion in endowment funds - https://ivyti.es/1fhq. High endowment usually implies easy access to research money, which is one of the most critical aspects for conducting research, be it theoretical research or applied research.